What to Do When Your Car is Stuck on the freeway

There are many towing options available in Houston, Texas. Some people are not aware that certain towing companies in Houston TX offer additional services besides just towing a car. If you have found the towing company in Houston that you trust to tow your car when you are in Houston and need to return it to a specified location, but don’t know what other services are offered, you should ask them about the following towing options. The more that you understand about how towing in Houston TX works, the easier it will be for you to decide which towing company to use. Knowing what you will need when towing will help you to make an informed decision about which towing service to choose. tow truck houston

Flatbed Towing: This kind of towing utilizes a flatbed truck with a raised bed or rack to safely transport a car. A flatbed towing vehicle has a hydraulic system that causes the bed of the truck to rise to a height that will securely hold the car when in position. Most flatbed towing trucks have at least two rear bucket seats to raise the truck further. These are typically equipped with harnesses to secure the car in place while in transport. If your car is too large to fit inside one of the rear bucket seats, the towing company may utilize a larger truck to accommodate the trailer.

Swamper Trailers: Swamper trailers use high-pressure streams of water to move a vehicle along the towing path. When a towing company first sees your vehicle, they will note if your vehicle is moving smoothly or if there are bumps in the towing path. If you notice a small bump in the road, this can indicate that the road is not level and is leading your vehicle off the proper path. A swamper causes your vehicle to be steered in a smoother fashion so that you travel along the towing path in a safe and direction. Swamper trailers are available for most towing companies.

Ladder Towing: A towing company will occasionally use a ladder to transport a disabled vehicle. This is usually done towing an automobile or a boat that is too large to fit into a regular vehicle frame. Since towing a ladder will require additional manpower to place the vehicle on the ground, towing Houston Texas usually utilizes this service to prevent further damage to your vehicle. Ladder towing is not covered by any type of insurance, so make sure you arrange coverage before towing your vehicle.

Travel Trailer towing: Travel trailer towing is another specialty of Houston towing. This service is usually performed on roads that are too narrow to safely tow a trailer behind the driver. If you need to move your automobile on a narrow road, a towing company will usually provide this service to get your vehicle onto the road. You should call a towing company before traveling on a busy road to be certain you will be able to use the trailer to reach your destination. Using a travel trailer to travel around Houston will save you time and money, but you should arrange coverage in advance to protect yourself.

Specialty Trailer Towing: Travel trailers are used to transport several small loads securely. They are often rented for large family vacations or group trips. Although travel trailers are commonly toted during vacations, they can also be toted to carry household items, carry pet dogs, or towing trailers used for transporting motorcycles. A towing company in Houston specializing in trailers towing should be able to help you plan your next move. When you rent a travel trailer, you should be aware of how often you can rent it and if the rental company requires a deposit or down payment to cover damages to your vehicle during delivery.

Damaged Auto Recovery: In case your vehicle becomes damaged while in transit, you should contact a towing company. Damaged cars should be towed to a professional auto repair shop to have the parts replaced. A towing company in Houston Texas should only tow your damaged vehicle to a professional shop. It is illegal to tow a damaged vehicle to a garage as part of your normal towing procedures. The towing company will be able to provide you with more detailed information regarding auto recovery services.

Towing is not an easy task to complete without the proper equipment and manpower. If you are in need of towing assistance in Houston, contact a professional towing company. If you have a damaged vehicle that needs to be towed, contact a towing company in Houston to schedule a towing session. A professional towing company in Houston is ready, willing, and able to provide you with top-notch towing service. Most companies are available seven days a week through the Internet to schedule your towing session. If you are in need of towing assistance, contact a professional towing company in Houston immediately.